Children's Homes


GCC Home - Langata

More than 170 children, from newborn to nineteen years of age, have made their homes at one of the four CMIA Grace Children's Centre campuses over the years… GCC children are placed in humble, but clean settings where they find love, shelter, food and education.

The Grace Children’s Centre Langata is the first full-care children’s home established by CMIA in Kenya (February 1996), Langata Grace Children’s Centre is located in a quiet, shady suburb of Nairobi.

The children are cared for by “house mums” that love them as their own. In spite of the background of these children, joy fills this centre as it does all of the GCC orphanage homes.



GCC Home for Orphaned and Former Streetboys

Opened in late 1996, Grace Children’s Centre Home for Orphaned & Former Street Boys is located approximately two hours northwest of Nairobi in the town of Nakuru, the fourth largest city in Kenya, and the second largest gathering point - after Nairobi - for homeless children.

Many of the early intake of boys were rehabilitated from the dangerous environment of the streets where they learned to steal and con just to survive. A number of these were required to put aside glue sniffing upon entry to the home. More recent boys to join the home have been rescued from becoming street boys as GCC becomes an alternative to taking to the streets when a boy is orphaned or abandoned by his parents. The Nakuru GCC Home currently houses fifty-three boys from ages 6 to 19.

As one observer in the town has remarked, “This GCC home is a place that turns demons into boys!".  Pastor Anthony Wanyoike and wife Jane are the faithful servants who care for, train and love these boys with the love of Christ. The boys themselves relate to one another as members of a large, caring and sharing family of many members, respecting Pastor Anthony and Jane as sons respect their parents, and loving one another as brothers.



GCC Village - Gombe

The sheer number of children who have lost their parents to AIDS in Kenya is staggering, and no more so than in Nyanza Province.  In 2011, this circumstance prompted CMIA to  establish a new orphanage work - in the Nyanza village of Gombe, home to many orphaned children as well as  COTR pastor/overseer Samwel Were -  the goal being to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care and education to orphaned children right in their home area. Be looking for more information in the near future.


GCC - Olorropil

In 2015 the fourth CMIA children’s opened. This home is located in the village of Olorropil near the town of Bisil. This site is a 15 acre site in the homeland of the Maasai people. This home operates as a rescue center for orphaned boys of the area, and also girls trying to escape the common practice of female genital mutilation in the area. The home has space for approximately 50 children and because of the large size of the property we have many programs planned on this property in the future.