GCC Nakuru

The Grace Children’s Centre Home for Orphaned & Former Street Boys is located approximately two hours northwest of Nairobi in the town of Nakuru.  Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya, and the second largest location of homeless children.


The Nakuru GCC Home currently houses approximately 50 boys from ages 6 to 19.  At the start of the home in 1996 many boys were rehabilitated from the dangerous environment of the streets where they learned to steal and con just to survive. A number of these boys were required to put aside glue sniffing upon entry to the home. More recently boys that join the home have been rescued from becoming street boys as GCC becomes an alternative to taking to the streets when a boy is orphaned or abandoned by his parents.


The home is currently administered by Pastor Anthony Wanyoike and his wife Jane.  They are the faithful servants who care for, train and love these boys with the love of Christ. The boys themselves relate to one another as members of a large, caring and sharing family of many members, respecting Pastor Anthony and Jane as sons respect their parents, and loving one another as brothers.