Feeding Programs


CMIA feeds many hungry children every school day. We feed these children by providing a daily helping of nutritious porridge every morning when a child comes to school. The porridge is a nutritious blend of 7 different grains. This mixture provides the proper vitamins and nutrients to help the students concentrate in school without worrying about hunger. Below is a detailed list of the various CMIA feeding stations.

Location Number of
Children Fed Daily
Year Program Started
Kibera Feeding Station, Nairobi, Kenya 150 2009
Galileo Primary School, Bul Kur, Northern Uganda 150 2014
Maranda Special School, Kenya 150 2013


Kibera Slum, Nairobi

Kibera is widely considered to be the largest slum in Africa. It also has a history of being a hotbed of political and tribal unrest. CMIA feeds approximately 150 children on school days in Kibera. Instead of handing out the porridge randomly to children CMIA only feeds children who come to us through schools in Kibera that partner in the program.