One Time Projects

CMIA has many exciting projects in process this year.  There are many ways that you can provide your support to these works and our ministry. Below is a list of the funding needs this year for each of our projects. Please look around at the different project details to see where you might want to help financially or with other resources. Please SCROLL DOWN through the page to see what needs still remain unmet.




CMIA headquarters compound in Langata, Nairobi

  • Additional walkways around property — $4,500
  • 20  new computers for the Church on the Rock Academy computer lab, CMIA clinic, and administration staff — $12,000


Gombe Village Children's Home

  • Three room school and toilet block for Church on the Rock Gombe Pre School  — $25,000
  • Staff Housing for 4 supervisory staff members  Including toilet and shower block plus basic furniture — $16,000


Grace Children’s Centres: Langata, Nakuru, Gombe

  • School uniforms for 167 children living in our children's homes - $16,700
  • Field trip and school exam fund for all children living in our homes - $5,000









CMIA headquarters compound in Langata, Nairobi

  • Replacement of old wooden headquarters staff administration building with a permanent stone office building— $61,400
  • Replacement of temporaryChurch On The Rock Academy classroom blocks with a two story 10 room permanent stone structure including new science and computer lab — $83,000


Kibera COTR Pre-Primary and Primary School

  • New iron sheet classrooms with concrete foundation — $20,000
  • New classroom furniture (tables, chairs) — $9,500


Olorropil Children's Home

  • Staff Housing - rooms for ten staff members withtwo toilets andshowers) — $65,000
  • Fencing and gates of 15 ½ acre property — $19,800
  • Olorropil Grace Children’s Centre dormitory and kitchen furnishings - $16,000
    • 24 bunk beds
    • Two single beds
    • Mattresses
    • Blankets
    • Storage trunks
    • Mosquito nets
    • Chairs
    • Study tables
    • etc
  • Kitchen and Dining Hall outfitting
    • Tables
    • Benches
    • Chairs
    • Cooker
    • Cups, plates, bowls, jugs, utensils
    • Cooking pots, serving dishes, basins, buckets


  • Staff Housing furniture - $2,300
    • Single beds, mattresses
    • Tables and chairs
    • Nets
    • Curtains for staff rooms




Church on the Rock Academy - 3 Classroom Preschool Block, Langata, Nairobi

This new building is a new concrete foundation building with stone walls.  It is a permanent building that houses the Preschool children at our headquarters Church on the Rock Academy.


The Galileo Primary School - 3 Classroom Primary School Block Plus Office, Bul Kur, Uganda

This new building provides every child with a permanent classroom.  After the construction of this facility the Galileo School now has 7 full classrooms for Grades 1-7 Plus a full administrative office.


Fresh Water Well, Olorropil, Kenya

This well provided fresh water to our 15 acre site in Olorrpil a village in the heart of Maasi land.  This well was also critical in allowing us to start construction of our new children's home buildings on this land.


Fresh Water Borehole, Bul Kur, Uganda

This fresh water borehole provides fresh water daily to our approximately 150 primary school students.


Nakuru Boys Home - New Office and storage room

This new building provides a good office to the manager of the children's home and helps us with the many storage needs at the Nakuru Boys Home..



A stone on permanent foundation structure replaced the former iron sheet church. Note: After twenty-six years, CMIA finally holds a firm title deed to a Dandora plot which allowed us to do this! Pastor Peter Mutuku, CMIA’s first trained pastor has been faithful in service for many years in Dandora. Though CMIA went on to plant other churches and build permanent structures in other locations. CMIA wanted to honour its beginnings, and Pastor Peter’s faithfulness, by erecting a permanent church structure in this densely populated community “where it all began".   Not only does the Dandora Church On The Rock house a local community church, it also serves as a school for more than 150 students during the week, as well as a World Children’s fund - sponsored feeding station site, serving 400 hungry children from six area schools daily.






This new orphanage work, which caters to AIDS orphaned children in Kenya’s hard hit Nyang’oma sub-location (Bondo District), was built from the ground  up! 30 + children are already present, currently sleeping on the floors of an abandoned building on a neighbouring property, and have been taking meals as local church overseers, CMIA’s Pastor Samwel and Pastor Richard, can provide. CMIA - taking emergency supplies of food, clothing and medicine - made an exploratory journey to see the need first hand in March 2011, and has since pledged a monthly amount to ensure the children are more properly nourished, receive medical care as needed, and have  the necessary resources to attend school. The total amount listed above will provide the following, and ensure that those children with no parents and no alternatives can begin to reside full-time at the CMIA ministry site…

  • Two brick/iron sheet dormitories on permanent foundation, inclusive of furnishings
  • Two, two stall showers and two, two stall latrine blocks, boy and girl 
  • A cooking house with open air dining extension, inclusive of tables and chairs and a low fuel consuming wood/charcoal cooker
  • An office block with attached secure storage block for organizing and protecting children’s home records and resources
  • A second-hand truck for carrying supplies and water back and forth from the town to the village.
  • Reconstructing Gombe Church On The Rock, currently a temporary mud/plaster and iron sheet structure, which serves both as a house of worship for the community and a pre-primary school for both the younger orphaned children and children from the surrounding area. Once rebuilt, it will also serve as a GCC  Village social hall.
  • Digging of 80 ft. fresh water well, required materials and a deep well manual pump.





Nakuru Boys Home

Final dorm, living area, church hall, and farming projects constructed. This 6 1/2 acres of rural property, located in the hills above Nakuru town, was constructed to move the CMIA Boy's Home operation from its former 1/2 acre Nakuru town site, which was located in a congested and somewhat crime ridden estate. The more rural and spacious site provides the 56 boys with agriculture and farming opportunities, as well as other on site vocational training possibilities.


CMIA Guesthouse Langata, Nairobi

Building furnishings completed and guesthouse opened



The R.T.S. project is one of CMIA's most exciting outreach and humanitarian efforts. Because of the sensitivity of the area and project, please contact our U.S. office for more specific details. We can share that we have moved our local church, main staging area for CMIA's WCF-Sponsored feeding station, and the Rock Pre-Primary School from a rental property to this newly acquired property in the heartof the area, and from this location, will continue to evangelize and church plant among the ethnic communities on the Kenya side of the frontier.





Langata Church On The Rock sanctuary/conference hall

Facility constructed and occupied. This facility is located at the CMIA main headquarters in Nairobi


Langata, Nairobi Medical Clinic

Accompanying Diagnostic Laboratory constructed


Nakuru Boys Home

Two dormitories, kitchen, dining room, and showers/toilets constructed


CMIA Guesthouse Langata, Nairobi

Building renovations/remodel completed





Church On The Rock Academy - Langata, Nairobi

  • New plastering of all exterior classroom walls, staff room, and library
  • Added new galvanized sheet roofing on all classroom blocks
  • Completed construction of 8th grade classroom block


Nakuru Boys Home

Property fence and wall completed


Langata, Nairobi Medical Clinic

Full time doctor and nurse hired


RTS Outreach, base compound

.5 acre site purchased


CMIA Headquarters Compound - Septic System

Phases 1 & 2 completed





Langata, Nairobi Children's Home

7,000 sq ft children's home constructed for 77 orphaned children


Nakuru, Kenya Boy's Home

6.5 acre property purchased


Langata, Nairobi Medical Clinic

Initial Medical Equipment Purchased