David and Jennifer Hatley lead the day to day operations of CMIA in East Africa. They live in Nairobi Kenya which is the headquarters of CMIA. David and Jennifer started their missionary career when they moved to Kenya in 1985. At the time they had two young children, Georgianna, who was seven, and Cameron, who was five. Their missionary service started when they were commissioned by Church On The Rock in Rockwall, TX, by mission’s director, Dr. David Shibley, and senior pastor, Dr. Larry Lea. After several years they incorporated Christian Ministries in Africa to further support the many projects they were overseeing in East Africa.

David heads up the church planting/strengthening and pastoral training arm of CMIA, while in addition serving as a regional director for Global Advance, a Texas-based church leadership training organization. David also leads the ministry in management of CMIA’s many projects, and handles fundraising.

Jennifer’s main area of involvement lies in CMIA’s ministries to children, including schools and children’s homes. She also heads the national Kenya Churches on the Rock women’s ministry, and is pastor of women at CMIA’s main church in Nairobi, Langata, Church On The Rock.

David and Jennifer have 7 Children and 8 Grandchildren