All Africa Church on the Rock congregations are led by national men and women of God who are growing daily in His Word and in His Grace. Under the leadership of General Overseer Shem Kihoro and CMIA/COTR Director David Hatley, Church on the Rock pastors, overseers, and deputy general overseers are each year treated to several special times of fellowship, encouragement and instruction at the CMIA headquarters and Langata Church on the Rock compound in Nairobi.  An important credo of CMIA and Africa Churches on the Rock is:

“Righteousness and relationship, with God and one another” (Isaiah 54:14)

CMIA holds fast to the belief that this is the key to building a denomination of churches that are effective and united.

CMIA also believes that future church leadership lies within church congregations, and strongly supports and promotes COTR church-based Bible training schools, led by selected COTR pastors themselves, using the comprehensive Joshua Nations curriculum developed by friend and fellow minister, Dr. Russ Frase, of Colorado Springs, Colorado.INTERDENOMINATIONAL TRAINING

A more formal program – offered to existing church leaders across the denominations, as well as those young men and women who feel God’s call to pastor – is headed by COTR Pastor and Deputy Overseer Anthony Wanyoike at CMIA’s compound in Nakuru, Kenya.  To date more than 50 men and women have been trained (and re-trained, many rural pastors in Kenya not having had the opportunity to attend Bible school prior to launching out as evangelists and church planters), receiving their certificates of completion of this year-long course in November graduation ceremonies.

David, who also serves as a Regional Director for Texas-based Global Advance (Founder/President, Dr. David Shibley), plans and serves as a member of the speaking team for a number of leadership conferences in East and Central Africa each year.  These Frontline Shepherds Conferences equip pastors and church leaders from all over the region through an intense three-days of teaching and encouragement by international speakers as well as local church pastors.  COTR leader, Pastor Shem Kihoro as well as Peter Mutuku have become local favorites in these conferences that attract anywhere from 300-700 delegates.  Not only do they participate in international FLS conferences, these men are sent out several times a year to head their own teams of national speakers for inter-denominations training ministry, another fulfillment of CMIA’s goal of seeing national men and women lead their own countries in evangelization, church planting and leadership training.